When I'm not editing, I write textbooks for language learners. I specialize in books designed to help learners to succeed in university and college study.

Academic English Books and Materials


  • My most recent book is Say What You Mean, published by Pearson in 2019. Co-authored with Tom Milburn, SWYM 2 presents strategies and activities for oral communication: group/class discussions, presentations, and group projects. 

  • Critical Reading (Pearson, 2015) is intended for advanced-level students of academic English. The book takes students through a systematic overview of the analysis of academic text. Authentic materials are used throughout, with texts from business, environmental science, economics, design, education, and more.

  • I wrote College Skills: Intermediate English in 2018 for Coast Mountain College, British Columbia, Canada. The book was written for adult students, many of them Indigenous, who are returning to college. The book helps students develop proficiency in reading, writing, language use and study skills. ​

  • While I was teaching at Trent University, I wrote the Guides for International Students series. These booklets help international undergraduates to succeed in university. Titles are: Research and DocumentationVocabulary Skills and StrategiesSuccessful Sentence Structure101 Trouble Spots in English (co-author); and Starting Your Trent Degree: University Regulations and Study Skills.

  • I have written a vast amount of custom material in English for Academic Purposes for various universities and colleges. Click here for details. 

Other Materials Development 

  • I contributed a chapter to Teaching with Unlock, published by Cambridge University Press.​

  • I am co-author of the intermediate-level workbook for Helbling's Studio series.

  • I adapted Alpha/SmartEducation's Present English series for the Middle Eastern and North African markets. Titles are: English for Commerce / Tourism / Construction / Mechanics, Electronics and Technical Assistance / Cooking, Catering and Reception / Transport and Logistics.

  • I contributed online listening materials to Richmond's Skills Boost series.

  • I co-authored the US English version of the LearnEnglish Grammar app, published by the British Council.

  • I was part of a team of authors working on Core Curriculum for English, young learners materials for Young Digital Planet, Poland.

  • While living in Seoul, South Korea in the 1990s, I co-authored In Focus, Books 1–3 for use in schools run by ELS International. These are integrated coursebooks for adult learners of English.

  • At the same time, I co-authored Network, Books 1–6, also for ELS International. These are grammar/conversation coursebooks.​​

  • One of my earliest professional writing projects was a series of high school textbooks for the South Korean Ministry of Education, High School English for Everyone and High School English, 1 and 2, published by YBM Si-sa yong-o-sa in Seoul.

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