How much will it cost to have my article/dissertation/ebook edited or proofread? This is often one of the first questions that clients ask, and understandably so. You want value for money!


I am not the cheapest editor, and I am not the most expensive. While my rates vary depending on how much work your paper needs, I stay within the guidelines recommended by the Society for Editors and Proofreaders.


The final figure depends on several things:

  • What level of editing/proofreading do you require (Level 1 or Level 2)?

  • What currency are you paying in (British pounds, Canadian dollars, US dollars or Australian dollars)?

  • Do you require a faster-than-normal turnaround?

Normally I charge by the word, not by the hour. I find this is easier for both of us, and you will know from the outset what the final invoice will be. There are no surprises. I reserve the right to add 25% for rush jobs. (I define a rush job as one that requires me to work over the weekend, so it is in your best interests to not send me a document on Friday afternoon and expect it back on Monday morning!)

If your project is large and will require several drafts, I am happy to give you a rate for the entire project; this rate will cover various sets of revisions. This is often preferable for a long-term project such as a book or doctoral thesis. These rates are negotiated individually and depend on the size of the project and the amount of work required.


Payment is by bank transfer or PayPal, usually in stages unless the paper is short. 

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